EXCLUSIVE: Arnab Goswami resigns from Times Now


In a sudden move, the popular and controversial Times Now anchor, Arnab Goswami, has just resigned from Times Now.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, a Times Now journalist said, “Arnab has resigned. We are still in the board meet. But it’s confirmed.”

Arnab made this announcement in a specially convened meet, which he attended through video conferencing from Mumbai.

According to reports, Arnab may still be in charge till December. The Times Group has not made any statement yet.

Nobody knows yet about his future move but there have been rumours that Arnab may launch his own channel with the support of top corporate houses owing allegiance to the Centre’s BJP government.

Arnab Goswami

Janta Ka Reporter tried to speak to him, but he could not be contacted.

Arnab was the Editor-in-Chief and President, News, of Times Now and ET Now.

Arnab has lately earned plenty of flak for his pro-government editorial agenda even prompting some of his former senior colleagues to call him a disgrace to journalism.

Senior journalist and his former NDTV colleague, Barkha Dutt, had launched an all-out attack against Times Now and Arnab, for allegedly calling to gag media in India.

Taking to Facebook, Barkha had said, “Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished. This man is journalist? I am ashamed to be from same industry as him.

He was responsible for taking the channel to new heights by making it the market leader even though his style of ‘biased’ journalism came for lot of criticism.

Last month it was reported that the central government had decided to accord him a Y category security privilege, causing huge social media outrage.

In June this year, his alleged fixed interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had come under intense scrutiny after he was seen in awe of his guest.

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  1. HI,

    I am really big fan of Arnab Goswami, i usually see Times channel after every dinner. speaking and questioning about any issue in debate is excellent .most of current issue are debate in TOI.i am personally some qualities from Goswami . i am wish him coming day will be fruitful days.

  2. Good to loose a terror journalist who is stauch supporter of RSS gonda policies. Today terror journalist is dead, now peace will prevail in the media. Times now cannot afford to pay a penality of Rs. 500 crores to Dr. Zakir Naik.

  3. Arnab is under shadow of higest powerful person, no one can defeat him, he is being provided Y security with public tax money, but why? shhhh he is special dont urge. He is having good time let him enjoy

  4. A closed mind and biased person can never be a journalist with clear conscience.His inferiority complex drags him to a place where Swami is now

  5. Good for people,who watch Time channel with interest,they wants peace not noise,he never wanted to listen other view points,always put words in other mouth not good for true jurnalism

  6. Arnab’s style of journalism n anchoring has made him larger than life cult image in d public space. He has a large followers n haters An enigmatic personality indeed.

  7. I had stopped watching Times Now after he refused to telecast the ‘Veterans Maha Rally’ over OROP. Now I can restart watching. Same goes to veterans who had called for boycott of Arnab’s channel

  8. (perhaps)..ARNAB aims for the DAIN-SEATER of Hindustan Media industry …and an all-time (like)-SUPER-PRIME MINISTER of the country; –and therefore, has resigned from TIMES NOW.

    In the National Political Arena, those after the magic-invention of loftier political alliances and their success(alliances of political parties at national level like the NDA and UPA to run the governments); —Arnab Goswami is all set for a trial of the same rule.

    So, Mr. Goswami is all set to experiment a similar magic (I feel) -like: “NATIONAL MEDIA ALLIANCE (NMA)”-aiming an indomitable influence over diverse national affairs, with not less than the bulk of an all time-super-Prime Minister.

    …………With all respect to Arnab ji (the game-changer of Indian Media)


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