Video: Sonakshi Sinha shakes leg with Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera


Shera has been an indispensable person in Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s life. He’s followed Salman as his bodyguard just like the actor’s shadow.

Such is his reputation as the Bollywood’s most dependable bodyguard that he was tasked with leading the security of Justin Bieber, when the rockstar arrived in India last year. Shera has also been responsible for guarding various other international entertainment artists when they visited India.

However, on Saturday night, many were shocked to see the other side of Shera, who is often seen displaying a menacing look at anybody wanting to even contemplate the idea of coming in the close proximity of Salman.

At a late night party in Mumbai, Shera was seen dancing with none other than Salman’s leading lady from Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha. In the video, posted by Sonakshi as her Instagram story, Shera is seen photobombing during her casual performance to a popular English track. While posting the video, Sonakshi wrote, “Hahahaha, @beingshera ke fan ab aur badh jayenge after his epic photobomb.”

Interestingly, Shera too posted the same video as his Instagram story. Athiya Shetty, Sunil Shetty’s daughter, too had the video on her Insta page with a caption, “@beingshera Dead”

Shera had recently revealed how when he had approached Salman around 20 years ago, it wasn’t with the purpose of being his personal security guard. Terming Salman a ‘clean hearted’ person, Shera had said that he had approached Salman to seek a security job. ‘However, after working with him for a while, I began to travel with him wherever he went.”

There were also reports that Salman will launch Shera’s son some time in 2018. Shera’s son has reportedly completed his acting course in the US. He’s also reported to have undergone courses on gymnastics and other skills to arm himself with all techniques before his launch.

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