Is Shilpa Shetty pregnant again? This is what actor has to say!


The weekend was abuzz with all sorts of speculations over actor Shilpa Shetty second pregnancy. Bollywood fans went berserk speculating on Shilpa’s pregnancy after she was spotted emerging out of a diagnostic centre.

In the photo, Shilpa is holding a blue file understandably containing her health report, while walking out of one SRL Patient Service Centre. No sooner did her photo surface on social media platforms, her fans began to trend #ShilpaKoKyaHua. An overwhelming majority of them concluded that the visit to the diagnostic centre was a part of her pregnancy-related check-up.

Such was the ferocity of the conversations related to her pregnancy on social media that even Shilpa could not stay quiet and took to Twitter to react to intense speculations. She wrote, “#ShilpaKoKyaHua KUCH NAHI! Hey Bhagwan ?I get a preventive health check done at SRL regularly to know that my body is as healthy on the inside as the outside.Something we all must do.What’s all the fuss about !! And NO not pregnant? #healthcheck #preventionisbetterthancure.”

Shilpa and husband Raj Kundra are parents to 6-year-old Viaan Raj Kundra. She had recently celebrated his sixth birthday in Mumbai. Many users had ridiculed her for showing off what was essentially meant to be charity exercise. This was after she posted a video of herself feeding elderly at an oldage home in Mumbai.


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