Varun Gandhi launches attack against government after news of biggest banking fraud involving ABG Shipyard shocks country


BJP MP Varun Gandhi has launched another veiled attack against his own government by highlighting the plight of farmers and small traders in the country. The young MP from Uttar Pradesh said that while a farmer was forced to kill himself due to his inability to pay small bank loans, big businessmen enjoyed special privileges despite defaulting on thousands of crores of debt.

वरुण गांधी
फाइल फोटो

Sharing newspaper clippings of a farmer’s suicide and bank fraud worth Rs. 23,000 crore committed by a big business group, Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “Country’s farmers or shopkeepers will have their properties attached or be forced to end their lives by suicide if they fail to repay the loans worth thousands of rupees. But, those stealing thousands of crores of rupees easily get bail. The same people then return to living lavish life by earning money at an arbitrary cost.”

According to the newspaper clipping shared by Gandhi, a farmer had ended his life in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun after he failed to repay Rs. 3.5 lakh to the bank. The other news shared by Gandhi was about the CBI booking ABG Shipyard for cheating as many as 28 banks worth Rs. 22,842 crore. According to the report, the federal probe agency has registered an FIR against ABG Shipyard Ltd and its directors, including chairman and managing director Rishi Kamlesh Agarwal.

This is being termed as the biggest bank fraud case in the history of India. The company has its shipyards located in Dahej and Surat in Gujarat.