Muslim boy murdered for relationship with Hindu girl in Muzaffarnagar


A teenager Muslim boy was murdered this week in a communally sensitive Muzaffarnagar for affairs with a Hindu girl.

Police found the body of 16-year-old Irshaad from the compound of a mill, owned by the girl’s uncle in Katwal village of Muzaffarnagar.

According to a report in Indian Express, the boy had gone missing on 18 July. However, police didn’t register the missing report as it asked the parents to wait for Irshaad to return.

Irshaad’s families and some local Muslim organisations surrounded the local police station to stage protest after the boy did not return home even on the following day.

The SSP was forced to conduct the search operation. Irshaad’s last mobile location was at the girl’s house.

When cops entered the house, the girl reportedly started crying. Police then took the girl’s uncle, Chander Saini, his son Manoj, and the girl’s brother Pawan to the police station for interrogation, when they confessed to their crime.

A police official said, “We called her brothers to the police station for interrogation, and they admitted to the crime. They told us that they had buried the body inside the compound of their uncle’s oil mill in the village.”

Saini told police that Irshaad used to stalk his niece adding that his family had called the boy home to make him understand that he should not pursue her, but when he defied them, they strangulated him and buried the body.

SSP, Deepak Kumar, said, “It was found that they were in a relationship. The youth was killed by the girl’s uncle, her cousin and her brother. We have booked the three under Section 302 of IPC.”

Kumar also added that Irshaad had given a cellphone to the girl recently.

He said, “The girl’s brother caught her talking to him on the phone and was angry about their relationship… They killed the boy in their house, and took the body on a rickshaw to their uncle’s oil mill.”

It was in Katwal where a Muslim youth, Shahnawaz, and two Hindu youth, Sachin and Gaurav, were killed in August 2013, triggering a largescale communal violence in Muzaffarnagar resulting in the deaths of more than 60 people.