Supreme Court Collegium recommends names of 3 High Court Chief Justices; Ali Mohammad Magrey as new CJ of Jammu and Kashmir HC


The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the names of three judges for the roles of chief justices of three high courts across the country. They are Justices Ali Mohammad Magrey, Jaswant Singh and PV Varale.
Ali Mohammad Magrey

The Collegium has recommended the name of Justice Magrey, currently a judge in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, to be the Chief Justice of the same court. Justice Magrey’s elevation to the Chief Justice’s post came after the Collegium transferred CJ Pankaj Mithal to become the new Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court.

Justice Varale, who is the senior-most judge at Bombay High Court, has been recommended to become the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court. He was appointed a judge in the Bombay High Court on18 July 2008.

Justice Jaswant Singh, currently a judge with the Orissa High Court, has been elevated to become the Chief Justice after Justice S Muralidhar was transferred to take up the role of the Chief Justice of the Madaras High Court.

Justice Singh was first appointed a judge in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 2007 before being transferred to Orissa High Court in 2021.