Sofia Hayat asked for ‘booking rate for one night,’ this is how she responded


Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is not new to controversy. She recently lost her cool on social media after one of her fans approached her with an ‘offer’ to sleep with men for money.

In response, Sofia had replied, “Yes, teach a lesson to peoe (people) who think they can buy women. I feel so sorry for your mother. Were you born because she was bought by someone?”

The model actor recently posted few screenshots of her purported conversations with one Abid Hussain, who allegedly asked her, “Can you kindly tell me your booking rates for 1 night?” An angry Sofia replied, “First ask your sister and then your mother… Then your wife.. they will tell you the rates for one night.”

The social media user did not give up and persisted with his questioning. He said, “But they did not show their body to like you. Go to hell. (sic)” Sofia replied, “Your mom showed her body and had her legs wide open when you were born..Ramadan means nothing to you..”


And he asks so politely..

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I wonder if he is fasting today his id us @abidhussain_1

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She received plenty of support on Instagram for her witty replies in the face of nasty trolling. One user wrote, “I love your reply! About time someone told these thirsty disgusting men that women are not objects.” Another commented, “dirty people with cheap mind.”

From renouncing the world to embrace spirituality to marrying Vlad Stanescu, a Romanian ‘interior designer’ and alleging molestation during Hajj, Sofiya has been controversy’s favourite child. Many have accused her of deliberately creating news to stay relevant in the media. It was around her marriage with Stanescu when she announced she was expecting her first baby. However, the model suffered a miscarriage around the same time she divorced her husband after she suspected him of coning her.