Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat loses cool after being ‘offered’ to sleep with ‘randoms’ for money


Bigg Boss contestant and model Sofia Hayat recently lost her cool on social media after a one of her fans approached her with an ‘offer’ to sleep with men for money.

Sofia Hayat

Sofia posted a screenshot of her conversation with an unknown person, who had approached the model with a question, “Apart from your acting, modelling, shooting, do you give extra services?”

In response, Sofiya wrote, “Yes, terach a lesson to peoe (people) who think they can buy women. I feel so sorry for your mother. Were you born because she was bought by someone?”

An angry Sofia later wrote on Instagram, “These guys…what respect they have for their own mothers? Apparently because I wear bikinis it means I sleep with randoms for money! Evolve please..I wonder how they learnt this? You were all born naked..then someone taught you shame and taught you that a womans body is suckled your mother’s nipples and drank her milk and yet you look at women disrespectful when she wears a bikini. Your mother was naked and you came from in between her legs..know the sacredness of a woman’s body and bow down to all that she do not deserve to even look upon a woman with your eyes. (sic)”

Her comments, however, elicited mixed reactions from her fans. While some felt that her response was fitting and would shut up people with filthy desires in future, others accused her of being a hypocrite. One user wrote, “we all know what you’ve done in life so stop being fake man.” “If the same would be asked by a famous producer or director, your answer would be same. Right? ” asked another user.

There were plenty of users, who supported Sofia. One wrote, “Well said sofia..wat a disgusting man…men like this need to written off from society.” “Can’t change the people what they think,” commented another user.

From renouncing the world to embrace spirituality to marrying Vlad Stanescu, a Romanian ‘interior designer’ and alleging molestation during Hajj, Sofiya has been controversy’s favourite child. Many have accused her of deliberately creating news to stay relevant in the media. It was around her marriage with Stanescu when she announced she was expecting her first baby. However, the model suffered a miscarriage around the same time she divorced her husband after she suspected him of coning her.


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