Slain BSF soldier’s son issues gut-wrenching appeal: I’m proud to be martyr’s son, will this sense of pride feed my family?


The Pakistani troops earlier this week beheaded the Indian BSF Head Constable Narender Kumar with his bullet-ridden, mutilated body being found on the zero line. Days after the horrific news shook Indians, the martyr’s son has issued an emotional appeal to Indians asking them to help his family so that they don’t have to feel ashamed on Kumar’s death.

Speaking to news channel Aaj Tak, the BSF jawan’s son, Mohit Dahiya said, “The government and the opposition are all different. First of all, we are all Indians. Now let’s talk about this. The sense of pride you are talking about (in my father’s martyrdom), will last just for a short time sir…You should have a practical approach sir. I’ve been making just one request. I am proud to say that I am a son of a martyr. But, how will I run my family with this sentence? It will make me feel ashamed time and again that please give me a job because I am a martyr’s son.”

Highlighting the practical hardships that his father’s death were likely to cause in his family, Mohit asked how he will run the family as well as looking after his grieving mother. He asked, “My father was martyred and I felt proud, at least until this morning. But there is no statement (from the government). I have my mother and a small brother. Now please tell me one thing. Should I go and wander around to find a job for myself or look after my grieving mother?

“Will my sense of pride go down or not? Will this sense of pride feed my family? If my father did not think twice in taking a bullet in his chest for his country, then you should also not waste time to help us… Instead of politicising my father’s death, please help us. This is the least you can do since my father’s helped the country.

While repeatedly breaking down on camera and unable to complete his sentences, the BSF jawan’s son once again urged Indians to come forward and help his family. “Please ensure that my mother doesn’t have to run around seeking help by saying that she was a martyr’s widow.”

He broke down once again while uttering this sentence and urging Indians to look after his family. His last sentence was even more powerful when he made a passionate plea by urging people from his country. He said, “I am not ashamed (on my father’s death) up until now. Please ensure that I don’t have to feel ashamed even in future.”