Shiv Sena workers break down on camera, demand punishment for ‘traitors’


A group of women belonging to the Shiv Sena has demanded that ‘traitors’ be punished as the rebellion within the ruling party posed a threat to the survival of the coalition government of Maharashtra.

Shiv Sena
Photo: From ANI video

Speaking on camera, a woman Shiv Sena worker said, “Voters elected these people (rebels) with some trust. Today, they have broken that trust. We condemn these traitors. These traitors should be given strong punishment.”

The woman speaking on camera wept as she slammed the Shiv Sena rebels. Another woman too was seen wiping her tears.

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Shiv Sena rebel Eknath Shinde, who was a key minister in the Maharashtra government, is leading the rebellion against his own party chief, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. He’s claimed to have the support of 40 MLAs and six independent members of the assembly.

These rebels had first holed themselves up in a hotel in Surat, which is in the BJP-ruled Gujarat. Later, they were flown to another BJP-ruled state Assam, giving credence to speculations that the BJP was orchestrating the crisis in Maharashtra.

The BJP and the Shiva Sena had fought the last assembly polls together in 2019 but their alliance ended after the polls over the disagreement on the power-sharing arrangement. The Shiv Sena formed an alliance with the Congress and the NCP to form the government with Thackeray being chosen as the chief minister.

The BJP has been making efforts to bring down the government in a bid to reclaim the power in the state. It remains to be seen if the Hindutva party will succeed in its effort this time around.