Salman Khurshid’s house set on fire after former union minister equates Hindutva terrorists to ISIS, Boko Haram in new book


Former Union Minister Salman Khurshid’s house in Nainital was set on fire after he drew a parallel between India’s Hindutva’s terrorists and their ISIS and Boko Haram counterparts.
सलमान खुर्शीद

Khurshid took to Facebook to share the photos and videos of his burnt house as he wrote, “So such is debate now. Shame is too ineffective a word. Besides I still hope that we can reason together one day and agree to disagree if not more.”

In a separate Facebook post, Khurshid wrote, “I hoped to open these doors to my friends who have left this calling card. Am I still wrong to say this cannot be Hinduism?”

Khurshid, a top Supreme Court lawyer and former head of Uttar Pradesh Congress, had compared India’s Hindutva forces with that of terrorists from ISIS and Boko Haram. Several BJP leaders have demanded a ban on Khurshid’s book.

Reacting to the burning of Khurshid’s house, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted, “This is disgraceful @salman7khurshid is a statesman who has done India proud in international forums &always articulated a moderate, centrist, inclusive vision of the country domestically.”