Salman Khan comes to Daisy Shah’s rescue even as Mumbai Police trolls Race 3 actor


Ever since the Race 3 trailer was released, actor Daisy Shah became a favourite target of Twitter trolls, who gave her grief for her famous dialogue, ‘Our business is our business… None of your business.’

This was later turned into several memes making them go viral on social media.

However, Salman Khan, who’s playing the lead role in Race 3, came to Daisy’s rescue by repeating her dialogue to a passerby in Mumbai. In a viral video, Salman is asked, “Where are you going bhai.” To which Salman replies, “Our business is our business, none of your business.”

However, what appears to have made the social media conversation around Daisy even more interesting is the involvement of Mumbai Police, which too decided to target the actor with its wit. Its tweet said, “Mind your own data to make sure that no one else takes advantage of it to beat you in the #RaceOfSafety.”

Meanwhile, Daisy has been an incredible sport by taking the social media jokes in her stride. She’s been responding to quite a lot of memes including the one tweeted by Mumbai Police. Now, that’s how you deal with Twitter trolling.

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