Prakash Raj launches blistering attack against PM Modi

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Popular actor Prakash Raj has launched a blistering attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh while calling the latter a better actor than him.

Raj also said that the would return the give National Awards he has received for his acting skills to recognise that Modi was a better actor.

Speaking at a function organised by Democratic Youth Federation of India in Bangalore on Sunday, Raj questioned Modi’s decision to follow vicious trolls on social media, who regularly attacked journalists and issued rape and death threats.

He said that while he was not sure who had killed Lankesh, he knew exactly who was celebrating the journalist’s murder.

He said, “We don’t know who killed my dear friend Gauri Lankesh, but we can see the people who are celebrating her murder. In my life, I have never seen so much abuse like what happens on social media. Some people followed by our Prime Minister on Twitter spew venom. And the Prime Minister turns a blind eye to this.”

The actor later tweeted a video statement (watch below) of his clarifying that he channels were wrong to suggest that he had decided to return his National Awards on the matter.

He said, “As I see the scrolling on the news channels that Prakash Raj has decided to give back his National Awards, I am such a fool to give back my National Awards, which have been given to me for my body of work and which I am very proud of… At the same time my question is; As the prime minister of this country, if such people (vicious trolls) are being followed by the prime minister and prime minister is not taking stand on them or not commenting on them, as a citizen of this country I am disturbed, hurt, I am afraid of the silence of the prime minister. (sic)”

Raj and Lankesh were very good friends and they regularly spoke to each other. One journalist in Bangalore said that Lankesh was a family member to Raj.

Modi has often come under condemnation for following abusive social media trolls on Twitter. One such troll, Nikhil Dadhich, had celebrated Lankesh’s murder by calling her a ‘bitch.’ The BJP’s IT cell had justified the prime minister’s decision to follow vicious and abusive trolls.

Union IT and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad too was trolled by his own supporters after he took an extraordinary step on Twitter to condemn those Hindutva supporters, who were expressing happiness over the gruesome killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

The BJP had later served a legal notice to noted historian, Ramchandra Guha, for linking Lankesh’s murder to Sangh Parivar.


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