Ravi Shankar Prasad condemns right-wing supporters rejoicing Gauri Lankesh’s murder


Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday took to Twitter to condemn the right-wing Hindutva supporters’ act of celebrating the gruesome murder of veteran journalist, Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore last night.

Taking to Twitter, Prasad wrote, “I strongly condemn & deplore the messages on social media expressing happiness on the dastardly murder of #Gaurilankesh. (sic)”

His second tweet read, “Expressing happiness on the killing of anyone is shameful, regrettable and totally against Indian traditions. Social media is not for that.”

The right-wing bigots abusing the deceased soul while rejoicing her murder was first highlighted by Janta Ka Reporter. Notable among them was one Twitter user, who’s followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

User Nikhil Dadhich wrote, “One bitch dies a dog’s death and every puppy is crying with pain.”

Since our report, demands for Modi to dissociate himself from individuals, who issue rape and death threats while glorifying a criminal act have grown. Several journalists have urged the prime minister to unfollow Dadhich and many others with similar crime history.

Although, Modi has not broken his silence on Lankesh’s assassination as he remains on his foreign trip to China and Myanmar, hope Prasad’s condemnation serves as a prelude to Modi finally removing his army of abusive trolls criminal mindset from his company.


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