“New generation lazy” mothers to be blamed for Maggi sale rise: BJP MLA


After 13 states banned Magi due to high level of lead leading to health scare and pressure from food safety authorities and watchdogs, a BJP MLA has now shifted the blame on “new generation mothers” for rise in the sale of the instant noodles, saying they have become “lazy” and hence feed their children two-minute noodles.

“I don’t know why the mothers have become so lazy (that they feed their kids instant noodles)? Mothers of our generation used to serve homemade food like ‘paratha’, ‘halwa’ and ‘sivaia’ to their children,” Usha Thakur, a ruling party MLA from Indore said.

The MLA’s remarks drew sharp reactions and criticism from Congress which said that the woman legislator has disrespected mothers with her comments.

“The BJP MLA, by dubbing Indian mothers as lazy, has shown disrespect towards them. For this, she must apologise to them,” Archana Jaiswal, a senior Congress leader, told a news agency.

“Her statement is laughable and has no basis,” said Jaiswal, a former State unit President of Mahila Congress. Thakur had also said the Government’s banning Maggi was a welcome step and served public health interest.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now set its eyes on other products like macaroni and pasta. The FSSAI stated that it was not just Nestle which was under scutiny but other brands will be checked soon to ensure food safety.