Naveel Jindal-led JSPL completes first phase of vaccination for its employees, company to focus on ‘prioritised’ staff in second phase: CHRO Pankaj Lochan


Naveen Jindal-led JSPL has embarked on an ambitious drive to vaccinate all its staff after the steel giant successfully had all its paramedic staff vaccinated. Speaking exlusively to Janta Ka Reporter’s Rifat Jawaid, the JSPL’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Pankaj Lochan, said that the company will shift its attention to a ‘prioritised’ group of employees for vaccination in the next phase.

“While many other companies also approached the vaccine manufacturers, we are not looking at others. We are just looking at ourselves. People are our priority. In this pandemic, keeping people at the core is very important,” Lochan said.

The JSPL Chief Human Resource Officer said that all of the group’s paramedics had been vaccinated in the first phase, adding that the steel giant was ‘looking at a prioritised list of employees’ in the second phase. “Prioritised means those who are more vulnerable and we are looking at them first. That’s our priority to vaccinate all of them in the second phase. And then we are looking at subsequently getting everybody vaccinated in the list,” Lochan told Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid in an exclusive conversation.

Lochan said that the JSPL was relentlessly following a three-pronged approach to manage the prevalent anxiety of the group’s staff members and their families during a global pandemic. He said, “The first is people who have multiple interfaces and their concerns in moving around while doing their jobs…JSPL is one of the very few companies that I know of, which have their own good quality masks that have been given to all employees.”

“The second is that, as the HR head, I also look at the psychological impact on people and their families. So at some level, we are also doing a lot of counselling sessions,” Lochan said.

In January, the JSPL had become one of the first big companies in India to have embarked on a mass vaccination programme for its employees. Lochan said that the most ‘important driver’ of the people-centric efforts in the JSPL was the group’s chairman, Naveen Jindal. Lauding Jindal’s compassion for the welfare of JSPL staff and their families, Lochan said, “The kind of questions he (Jindal) asks, the kind of support he provides for anything related to the welfare of people, even in the COVID-19 scenario, he’s the main driver behind everything.”

The JSPL is currently busy preparing its detailed strategy in view of the fear of a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is likely to finalise its strategy within the next few days.