Shilpa Shetty ridiculed for showing off her charity on son’s birthday


Actor Shilpa Shetty on Tuesday posted a video of son Viaan’s sixth birthday party, which the actor decided to celebrate with the residents of an old age home in Mumbai.

Shilpa Shetty

While posting the video, Shilpa wrote, “Keeping up with tradition of dinner at the #littlesistersofthepoor ,an old age home . They have very few visitors and the joy on their faces when someone comes and visits them is priceless.Nothing more powerful than to start my sons birthday with Blessings..Thankyou for all your blessings and wishes as well instafam. (sic)”

No sooner had she posted the video, the actor began to face incessant trolling by her fans, many of whom ridiculed her for showing off what was essentially meant to be charity exercise. One user wrote, “Distributing the cheapest fruit available and broadcasting on Instagram. Sunday binge doesn’t seem so simple. Stop this show off.” Another user agreed, “Don’t show off …u r Sunday binge is more expensive than what u have served here and if u want to do something like this , do it personally ,, pls don’t broadcast…” “Hi mam plz stop ur show off. M really very very disappointed bcz u know u cross ur show off limits. Disgusting,” wrote one user Shahab.

Unperturbed by trolling, Shilpa replied back, “It’s sad you think this way. Yes, we personally served them a full dinner service after this. I only put it up here for ‘awareness’ so more people can get directed to this cause or contribute to this place that needs help.”

She also posted a photo, taken moments after Viaan’s delivery with an emotional caption, which read, “21st May 2012 ?A new me was born.
6yrs today..The dichotomy of wanting you to be my baby forever and excitement of seeing you grow up and your achievements in this life..Difficult choices!! Want to hold you in my arms for longer today, like when you were a baby.. the toddler is gone ,now there’s a little boy and tomw there will be a young man in his place .. but you will always be my baby.. Happy birthday my son, love you more than you would ever know.”


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