Hope PM Modi comes off Lalit-asan soon: Jairam Ramesh


Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Friday took a dig at the PM Narendra Modi on the latter’s silence on Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhra Raje and her MP son Dushyant Singh.

Speaking to reporters in Delhi, the former union minister said, ” I hope the prime minister will come out of Lali-asan after tomorrow’s international yoga day. Hope he will speak then.”

Ramesh went to say that the PM himself was involved in the whole scandal.

” Aisa nhi ho sakta ki iske baare mein PM ke paas koi jaankari nhi ho, PM shaamil hain. Humara ye maan na hai ki parda isliye nhi uth rha hai kyunki bhed khul jayega: (It can’t be possible that the PM doesn’t have information about this. In fact he too is involved. We believe that the veil is not being lifted because a lot will be revealed,)” he was quoted as saying.

The Congress party has been demanding the resignations of Swaraj, Raje and Dushyant for their alleged acts of impropriety involving the former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi.

BJP, which appeared to have deserted Raje, came out strongly to say that there was no reason for the Rajasthan CM to resign.

He said, ” There’s no question of an inquiry or internal inquiry as credibility of those documents (regarding Vasundhara Raje) are yet to be proved. But I want to ask, Lalit Modi’s corruption case came into view under which Govt’s rule?”

The Congress party on Thursday warned that they will make life difficult for both BJP and PM Modi if they didn’t sack the three leaders under media scrutiny.

On Friday we reported how Lalit Modi was once found guilty of favouring Adani Group during the IPL bidding process. Adani is known to be a long time commercial partner of Gujarat Cricket Association, first headed by Narendra Modi then the BJP pressident Amit Shah.