Bangalore artist creates crocodile pond to protest against poor civic facilities


A visual artist in Bangalore came up with a novel idea to draw civic authorities’ attention to a problem he’s been complaining about without any success.

Artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy has been frustrated by no response from the civic authorities to a large pothole and a broken water pipe on a main street of Bangalore. Unable to get any response, he decided to turn the pothole into a pond for a large artificial crocodile.

It cost him Rs 6000 and a week’s time to create this fiber crocodile.

This is not the first time the artist has resorted this creative way of protesting against the poor civic amenities. Last year, he had turned a large manhole into a mouth of Yamraj, a sign that this was a death trap. This prompted the local authorities to swing into action and close the manhole without any delay.

On this occasion too, his work of art succeed in drawing plenty of attention from the passers by but the much-waited response from the civic bodies continues to elude him.

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