Hemant Soren reportedly ‘disqualified’ by Election Commission; Jharkhand CM blames ‘satanic forces’


The Election Commission has reportedly disqualified Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren after the national poll body found him guilty in the illegal mining case. Soren blamed ‘satanic forces’ for attempting to topple his democratically-elected government in the state.

Hemant Soren
Photo tweeted by Hemant Soren

Soren took to Twitter to post a series of tweets alleging a conspiracy by the Centre’s Narendra Modi government to topple his government. One of his tweets read, “I am the son of a tribal. Our path has never been stopped by their tricks, nor have we ever been afraid of these people. Our ancestors have removed fear from our minds long ago. Fear has no place in the DNA of us tribals.”

According to news agency PTI, Soren claimed ‘satanic forces’ were attempting to destabilise his democratically-elected government. He, however, vowed to fight till last drop of his blood.

Soren is accused of awarding a mining licence to himself even though he has denied allegations against him.

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The BJP has demanded his resignation and called for fresh elections in the state.

Soren had become the new chief minister of Jharkhand in 2019 after an his party secured a landslide majority in the assembly polls in an alliance with the Congress and the RJD.

Jharkhand assembly has 82 seats with Soren’s party, the JMM (30) and Congress (17), enjoying a comfortable majority.