Exit polls are illegal, says former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi


Former Chief Election Commissioner Dr SY Quraishi has said that the exit polls were illegal raising serious questions on how they were conducted ‘in the first place.’

Taking to Twitter, Quraishi, one of the most respected Chief Election Commissioners, said, “Do you know exit polls are illegal ! Under the Representation of People Act “conduct” and “dissemination” of exit polls are banned. How were these CONDUCTED in the first place?”

Explaining his point on exit polls being illegal, Qureshi wrote, “Sec 126 of the The RP Act was amended in 2008 by Parliament ( not EC). It banned both the conduct and dissemination of exit polls. When were these conducted? When the voters were coming out of polling booths when the elections were in full swing.”

Qureshi’s comments have come in the wake of exit polls showing big victories for the BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The lead for the BJP in Gujarat, where the anger against the saffron party was visible has left many shocked with many asking if this was a tool to legitimise the alleged fraud in EVMs.

Most of exit poll have predicted a comfortable win for the BJP in Gujarat despite 22 years of anti-incumbency. Many were puzzled as to how the BJP had taken a lead over 10% vote share despite losing 6% vote share within a week in December as shown by two successive ABP opinion polls (You can read here and here.)

Speaking to ABP News, former psephologist and the founder Swaraj India said that he was surprised by this sudden change in fortune for the BJP adding that ‘it usually doesn’t happen.’

Janta Ka Reporter had sensationally revealed how EVMs were vulnerable to tampering as the EC had no clue if the programme code for the microchips had been tampered by the companies abroad to suit a political party. Our report had also highlighted a link to the beneficiaries of the Gujarat’s Rs 20,000 crore gas scam with the owners of microchip manufacturing company.