ABP-CSDS poll gives huge gain to Congress in Gujarat


ABP-CSDS poll has given a huge lead to Congress party in Gujarat, where the assembly polls will be held in two stages on 9 and 14 December this year.


According to the survey, The Congress was expected to make a significant gain by 16% in Saurashtra region which has the most number of 54 seats. The BJP is expected to lose 23% votes in this region.

In North Gujarat, which has 53 seats, the BJP is expected to secure 44% votes, down 15%. While Congress is expected to secure a whopping 49% vote share, up by 16%.

The BJP is expected to lose only 2% vote share in Central Gujarat, but the Congress is projected to gain 8% votes taking its vote share here to 38%. The region has 40 seats.

In South Gujarat, which has 35 seats, the BJP is expected to retain 50% plus vote share but the saffron party is projected to lose 3% vote share since 2012 elections. The Congress is expected to gain 6% vote share, taking its overall percentage to 38%.

In terms of seats, the survey said that BJP will still form the government with 113-121 seats while Congress was likely to get only 58-64 seats despite hugely improving its vote share.

The BJP is facing an anti-incumbency of 22 years with several sections of the society rising against the saffron party. Dalits, OBC and Patidars have been carrying out coordinated campaigns against the BJP with an intention to oust the saffron party from the government.





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