BJP could lose majority in Gujarat, says ABP-CSDS survey


‪ABP-CSDS opinion poll for Gujarat has projected considerably reduced seats for the ruling BJP. The opinion poll predicted 91-99 seats for the saffron party while Congress is expected to get 76-88 seats in this month’s elections.‬


Both BJP and Congress ar expected to secure 43% of vote share each, said the survey.‬

‪In the 182-seat Gujarat assembly, BJP currently has 117 MLAS while Congress has 59.

The projection is in sharp contrast to how the channel had predicted seats for the BJP a month ago.‬

‪In its November survey, the ABP-CSDS poll had predicted that BJP will still form the government with 113-121 seats while Congress was likely to get only 58-64 seats despite hugely improving its vote share.‬

‪The BJP is facing an anti-incumbency of 22 years with several sections of the society rising against the saffron party. Dalits, OBC and Patidars have been carrying out coordinated campaigns against the BJP with an intention to oust the saffron party from the government.‬

In a first, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been forced to addressed empty chairs in his election rallies while his bête noire and popular Patidar leader Hardik Patel has been attracting hundreds of thousands of audience in each of his road show.

On Sunday, Hardik told over one lakh audience in Surat that they mustn’t vote for BJP, NCP, AAP and independent candidates implying that their vote should go to Congress candidates.

Reminding them how the ruling saffron party had taken the community’s support for granted in the past, Hardik said that it was time to teach the BJP a lesson.

“The BJP feels there is no other option for Patidars, as they will definitely vote for them. As for the Congress, it is afraid even after huge meetings by Patidars here in 2007 (of the rebel Maha Gujarat Janata Parishad launched by Gordhan Zadaphia), and in 2012 (by Keshubhai Patel’s Gujarat Parivartan Party) there was no translation into votes. So the time has come to show our loyalty and our power. We should not caste vote either to the NCP or AAP or any Independent candidate, and certainly not BJP, but we should vote such a party which will form a government,” Hardik was quoted by Indian Express.




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