Don’t you have shame?: Brave passenger lashes out at terror-accused BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur


Video of a brave passenger asking the terror-accused BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur if she had any shame left has gone viral on social media platforms. This was after Pragya was accused of delaying the plane because of tantrums.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur

In the viral video, Pragya is seen arguing with passengers, who are visibly annoyed with the BJP MP for her shenanigans causing a delay to other passengers. One brave passenger then lashes out at Pragya reminding her that as a public representative she was not entitled to first-class travel. Pragya replies, “I have the right to travel first-class.” This prompts the passenger to lose his cool and launch a tirade against the terror-accused MP from Bhopal. He says, “You should have moral compass. You should own up if even a single passenger is facing discomfort because of you. Because you are a leader. Don’t you have a shame that you’ve held 50 passengers at a ransom?”

The terror-accused MP objected to the use of  the word ‘shame’ against her and said, “You should mind your language.” The passenger replied, “My language is absolutely fine. I am talking to you with respect and love. The word shame is a nice word.”

Pragya, prime accused in the Malegaon terror attacks, had alleged that SpiceJet denied her a pre-allotted seat and this was unacceptable to her. The airline later clarified that the rules did not allow a passenger on a wheelchair to be seated in the emergency row due to safety reasons.

“SpiceJet had the privilege to have Pragya Thakur on board SpiceJet flight SG 2498 (Delhi-Bhopal) on December 21. She had pre-booked seat 1A and had come to the airport in her own wheelchair. The Delhi-Bhopal flight is operated by Bombardier Q400 aircraft (78 seats). On this aircraft, the first row is the emergency row seat and is not allocated to passengers on the wheelchairs,” news agency ANI quoted a statement by SpiceJet.

According to SpiceJet, its staff did not know that Pragya was a wheelchair passenger and requested her to 2 A/B (non-emergency row) due to safety reasons, but she refused. “The duty manager and other staff also requested her to move to another seat. She asked for the safety instruction document wherein the exit door policy is mentioned and the same was shown to her to provide clarity,” the airline statement read.

It was only after passengers protested over her unruly behaviour that Pragya agreed to change her seat from 1A to 2B.