Siddharth Shukla becomes first Bigg Boss contestant in history to show Salman Khan his place, Bollywood megastar looks miserably helpless


Siddharth Shukla on Sunday night became the first contestant in the history of the the Bigg Boss Show to show host Salman Khan his place. Siddharth also proved that he was more powerful than Salman, who looked weak all through the show. Despite his stardom, Salman looked miserable in front of a contestant, who’s no match to his success.

Siddharth Shukla

Salman looked so frightened that he followed every instruction of Siddharth during the Weekend Ka Vaar show. Salman almost bowed down to Siddharth’s aggressive body language and tone. Although it’s not clear why Salman was so scared of a Bigg Boss contestant, the Bollywood megastar looked miserable as he began to agree with everything uttered by Siddharth.

Contrary to the show’s claims that it has zero tolerance to physical violence, Salman lost his voice on the issue of Arhaan Khan being physically assaulted by Siddharth. Arhaan took part in the Weekend Ka Vaar show with his torn shirt. Siddharth had physically assaulted Arhaan on Saturday before tearing his shirt.

Salman, started the show by taking a dim view of Siddharth’s violent behaviour but he began to hold Rashami guilty of everything. He told Rashami that she was destroying her own reputation.

Emboldened by Salman’s helplessness, Siddharth remained aggressive and continued to charge at him with raised voices all through the show. Salman’s behaviour came after many reports said that the Bollywood megastar was stopped by the makers of the show from admonishing Siddharth midway through the shooting.

It seems that no one is taking Salman seriously in the house. A testament to this was how everyone continued to use foul language and raise their voices without caring about the presence of Salman.

Such was the condescending conduct of Paras and Siddharth that they continued to poke fun at Arhaan’s torn shirt without any fear of reprisal from Bigg Boss or Salman.

It seems Salman knows that going against the instruction of his employer, Colors TV, will hurt him financially. Hence his shocking behaviour as the host.