Directorate of Vigilance issues order, curtails ACB chief Meena’s role


With the Vigilance Department cancelling three of the orders passed by current ACB chief, MK Meena, on Monday, with one of them being the appointment of a new SHO, now a fresh order from the Vigilance Department has curtailed Meena’s administrative role to that of monitoring and work of training pertaining to the undertrial cases till further outcome of the proceedings of the Delhi High Court.

The order also states that SS Yadav (ACP of ACB) will supervise the work of DCsP, ACsP and inspectors and SHO of Police Station Anti-Corruption Bureau. The order clearly states in the end that the work allocation shall remain unchanged.

Earlier, the Vigilance Department has clearly said that ACB was a part of the department of vigilance and any work allocation can happen only with the approval of the head of the department. Director of vigilance, Sukesh Jain had even termed Meena’s actions as termed the “without authority”.