Barkha Singh has abused a constitutional post, insulted Indian women: Kumar Vishwas


Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas has launched a scathing attack against the DCW chief Barkha Singh.

Speaking exclusively to after the DCW’s confession that it had found nothing wrong against him, Vishwas said, ” Barkha Singh ek hasshye pe khari Congress ki ek tutpunjia neta hain(Barkha Singh is a small-time leader of Congress, which has sidelined her within the party). She’s desperately trying to join the BJP and this episode was orchestrated by her to appease her political masters. Not only has she abused a constitutional post, but also the women of this country.”

Vishwas also urged ‘women of this country’ to ask if ‘people like Barkha Singh’ was suited to represent their interests.

Delhi’s DCW had earlier informed the Delhi HC that they had dropped all charges against the AAP leader Kumar Vishwas because they couldn’t find anything wrong against him.

It also added that the case against Vishwas was now closed.

Kumar Vishwas’ lawyer and fellow AAP leader Somnath Bharti tweeted about this saying that the DCW’s decision to drop the case against his client was perhaps to avoid the embarrassment.





Somnath Bharti told that he was determined to take this matter to its logical conclusion.

He said, ” I asked the judge if it was right for Barkha Singh to malign my client by holding a press conference just based on some wild allegations. The honourable judge then issued notice to Barkha Singh asking her to reply within two weeks.”

Bharti said that the DCW chief will be utterly exposed when she files her reply.

In May this year, a woman had approached the DCW alleging that her life was ruined since Vishwas was not rebutting “rumours” about their alleged illicit liaison. This had prompted the DCW chairperson Barkha Singh to hold news conference and criticise the AAP leader.

Vishwas had accused Singh of working at the behest of Congress because of her ‘association with the party.’

Vishwas’ friends had told that it was ‘ludicrous’ for the poet/politician to keep issuing clarification because an individual so desired.

‘This way he will have to spend rest of his life issuing clarification,” a friend had told JKR.

On May 5 this year, Singh held a news conference to announce how she had sent a summon to Kumar Vishwas asking him to appear before the DCW on May 6 adding that the matter would be handed over to Delhi Police if he didn’t turn up at the commission.

However, another DCW member Juhi Khan, sitting next to Singh, had told media that it was a case of political conspiracy against Vishwas. Embarrassed by this sudden intervention by her colleague, Singh desperately tried to stop Juhi Khan from making a statement and accused her of being an AAP activist. Khan later said she was resigning from the woman’s panel in protest.