Modi’s Gujarat model of vendetta politics in full swing in Delhi, alleges AAP


Aaam Aadmi Party on Thursday reacted angrily on the arrest of one of its MLAs, Manoj Kumar, by Delhi police.

The party launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what it felt was carrying “Gujarat model of vendetta politics” in Delhi.

A statement from the party said, “Continuing with its vendetta politics and efforts to score revenge with the people of Delhi for drubbing BJP in the assembly elections, Delhi Police under Prime Minister Narendra Modi today arrested Aam Aadmi Party MLA Manoj Kumar. The party strongly condemns the action and terms it as below the belt politics of BJP losing ground support in Delhi and elsewhere in the country.”

AAP leader Sanjay Singh alleged that it was indicative of ‘Gujarat model of vendetta politics.”

He said, “Narendra Modi’s Gujarat model of vendetta politics is in full swing in Delhi. With mandate slipping away Modiji is resorting to what he is best at, using state machinery to silence the opposition. Delhi police is now working in the lines of Gujarat Police.”

Drawing a parallel with the some of the ministers in PM Modi’s cabinet, the party asked Delhi police why it had not seen any harm “in having ministers with rape charges and FIRs of various heinous crimes continuing its (Modi’s) ministry?”

Saurabh Bharadwaj, an MLA and the AAP’s Delhi in-charge said, “The allegation against Manoj Kumar is that he used some forged documents in a land sale and it is a case more than a year ago. This is height of shamelessness of Delhi Police and it acting as a political agent. We can understand from Gujarat experience how Police have been used as a political tool to harass, kill and do espionage on women.”

Both the BJP-led central government and the AAP-led Delhi government have been on collision course ever since the former received a humiliating defeat in Delhi assembly elections. While the central government, which has control over the Delhi police, denies charges of vendetta, the Delhi government has called this move as a desperate attempt to create further hindrance in governance after losing the state electorally so spectacularly.

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