MIssing JNU student: Delhi police team in Darbhanga


A Delhi police team is in Darbhanga in Bihar in search of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, who has been missing since October 15 following an on-campus scuffle allegedly with some members of ABVP the night before, police said today.

“Whenever and from wherever any information is coming about Najeeb, teams are being sent there. A team has also been sent to Darbhanga,” a senior police officer said.

Meanwhile, a Delhi Police team will also be going to Badaun to speak to a doctor, who was treating Najeeb for depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), even as his family members claimed that he was suffering from insomnia only and no other mental disorder.

“Najeeb was undergoing treatment for depression since 2012 in his hometown Badaun. A team will be visiting Badaun to question the doctor to know about Najeeb’s personality, his behaviour and his thought process,” said a senior police officer.

Sources said Najeeb’s family has not shared details that the JNU student was undergoing in Badaun. However, on the basis the prescriptions found in Najeeb’s hostel room, police questioned the doctor whom he had consulted in Delhi.

“According to prescriptions, Najeeb had been prescribed an anti-depressant and sleep inducer medicines in August by a doctor at VIMHANS,” he said.

On September 9, Najeeb had visited the hospital again with his mother and he was prescribed the anti-depressant drug and another drug to treat fits, police said, adding that he didn’t visit the hospital after that day.

A psychiatrist from VIMHANS, who had been consulted by Najeeb and his mother twice in August and September was questioned by the SIT on October 23 to know about Najeeb’s mental condition.

“In her statement, she said that she was told by Najeeb’s family that he was undergoing treatment for depression in Badaun since 2012. She concluded in her diagnosis after speaking to Najeeb that he is suffering from OCD and depression,” said a senior police officer.

She stated that people who are suffering from OCD tend to have negative thoughts in their mind, get upset with small things, answer only in ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The doctor also told police that people suffering from OCD are not sure about themselves, tend to forget things and the medication prescribed to them has to be taken daily.

If patients don’t take medicines regularly, their condition might worsen and may develop suicidal tendencies, she wrote in her statement given to the police.

Police is also mulling over the possibility of seeking the opinion of a mental health expert to decode Najeeb’s personality. .

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