Domino’s pizza delivery man arrested for allegedly molesting 5-year-old


A Domino’s pizza delivery man has been arrested for allegedly molesting a five-year-old girl in South Delhi while delivering an order at her building.

The accused Amit had gone to the building at around 11:45 am on Sunday morning, the police said.

As he was coming down from the third floor of the building after delivering the pizza, Amit saw that the child was on the ground floor landing of the staircase. Despite it already being dark due to the weather, the accused switched off the lights and molested her.

Amit fled the spot when the five-year-old cried out in pain and raised an alarm. She then narrated the incident to her mother, the police said.

When the family went to the Domino’s delivery outlet to complain, the chain promised to take action against the accused but also tried to convince them to not report the matter to the police.

However, shortly after that, the family went and registered a complaint with the police.

“Domino’s is a good, reputed company. What kind of people are they employing?” said a member of the child’s family.