Delhi court denies bail to Bulli Bai Deal prime accused Neeraj Bishnoi, who became Hindutva terrorist after watching Indian TV channel


A Delhi court on Friday rejected bail for Neeraj Bishnoi, the prime accused in the Bulli Bai Deal app case. Bishnoi, an engineering student in Madhya Pradesh’s Vellore Insitute of Technology, became a Hindutva terrorist after watching an Indian TV channel.

A Delhi court, according to Livelaw, made scathing observations while rejecting Bishnoi’s bail plea.

“The facts disclose that accused created the App “bullibai” where women journalists & celebrities of a particular community who are famous on social media are targeted & they are projected in a bad light with an objective to insult &humiliate them,” the court said.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Patiala House Court, Pankaj Sharma added, “A vilification campaign against these women containing derogatory content and offending material having Communal overtones was run on this App being made by the accused.”

Bishnoi was arrested from Assam’s Jorhat district. His family hailed from Rajasthan but moved to Assam several decades ago. Bishnoi’s father had said that his son often watched one Indian TV channel, which had a negative influence on Bishnoi. Vellore Institute of Technology in Bhopal had suspended Bishnoi after the news of his arrest spread.

18-year-old Vishal Jha was first arrested by the Mumbai Police from Bengaluru and produced before a Bandra court in Mumbai in the Bulli Bai Deal app case. He was later sent to police custody till 10 January. Jha is believed to be an engineering student and had allegedly conspired with three other perverts to carry out an online auction of Muslim women on the Bulli Bai Deal app on the GitHub platform.

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Days later, the Mumbai Police arrested 18-year-old Shweta Singh from Uttarakhand. She was subsequently taken to Mumbai. Singh, a woman, too is believed to be an engineering student.

The Mumbai Police arrested their third accused, Mayank Rawat, from Uttarakhand on 5 January. Rawat is a BSc student at Delhi’s Zakir Hussain College. His father is believed to be serving in the armed forces and is currently posted in Jammu.

The Delhi Police had also arrested one Aumkareshwar Thakur, who was the creator of Sulli Deal App case. Sulli Deal and Bulli Bai Deal app morphed photos of Muslim women and put them up for auction on GitHub platform.