Congress leader Udit Raj faces flak for tweets on ‘burqa’ and ‘Taliban’


Congress leader Udit Raj is facing considerable condemnation for his tweets questioning the rationale behind ‘burqa’ in Islam in the wake of the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan.

File Photo: Deccan Chronicle

Raj, a former parliamentarian, tweeted in Hindi, “The Taliban exploit women, keep them imprisoned in burqa and earn money by selling drugs. Is this Islam?”

In his subsequent tweet, Raj wrote, “Had God wanted women to cover their mouth and nose, then they would be born with both covered.”

His tweets evoked angry reactions from a section of Muslims as they began to slam him by trending hashtag #उदितवा_नंगा_है, which loosely translates as Udit is naked.

Raj was BJP MP from North West Delhi before quitting the Hindutva party ahead of the last general elections in 2019 to join the Congress.