Hindutva radical group ‘ Kashmiri Pandits United’ caught spreading hate using photo of Muslim house from Kashmir; faces public shaming


A radical Hindutva outfit ‘Kashmiri Pandits United’ is facing widespread public condemnation for using a magnificent architecture from Kashmir belonging to a Muslim to falsely declare it as a ‘Pandit House.’ The radical group, whose Facebook timeline is replete with hate speech against Muslims, was forced to change the caption of its photo after the person, who clicked the photo, took to social media to expose its mischief.

Sharing the photo, the radical Hindutva group had claimed in its caption, “Magnificent Kashmiri Pandit House in Kashmir.” Many including some Hindus questioned the rationale behind sharing the photo by flasely declaring its owner a ‘Kashmiri Pandit’ other than to spread hate against Kashmiris.

One user Surinder Raina asked, “If this is true that this House doesn’t belong to a Kashmiri pandit ,then it is very wrong and what is need to Post wrong picture. There are so many beautiful and bigger houses which belonged to Kashmiri pandits,you should Post those.why to post wrong if is true then it is okay and clear the misunderstanding and if it is a mistake then please delete this post. (sic)”

Another user, Irshad Lone, wrote, “House is named as Begum House by the Muslim owner after his wife constructed in 1940 verify before uploading.”

T=But the criticism wasn’t confined to social media users. Shahid Mushtaq, who had originally clicked the photo, wrote on Twitter, “First you plagiarized my content. This pic has been clicked by me and u have uploaded this without giving me due credits. Second u are spreading wrong information. This a muslim house in downtown constructed in 1940s. Owner has named the house ‘begum park’ after his wife.”

Faced with criticism, the radical Hindutva outfit changed the caption to ‘Architectural Heritage of Kashmir.’

However, netizens are reporting his post to Facebook for peddling news and spreading hate. It appears that the Facebook page, Kashmiri Pandits United, had deliberately used the fake image to spread hatred against Kashmiri Muslims by implying that they had usurped the properties owned by Kashmiri Pandits and forced them to flee the valley.