CCTV footage shows Gurdaspur terrorists with guns on a main road before attack


The trio of men who with automatic weapons blazing burst into a Dinanagar police station near the border of Pakistan, have been captured on a security camera placed at Taragarh intersection just before they entered the town.

The CCTV footage allegedly shows the three men walking down the road at 4.55 am with AK47s in hand. They were wearing army uniforms.

Minutes later the men unsuccessfully tried to snatch a tempo from its driver. A dhaba owner was killed in the process. The militants then opened fire on a bus, injuring six passengers. Their next target was a man heading to a market in a Maruti car to buy vegetables. The driver Kamaljit Singh crashed his car into a wall after taking a bullet from them in the shoulder. The terrorists then pulled him out of the car and took control of it after shoving him away.

After storming the police station, the militants fought security forces for 12 hours, till they were all killed. Chinese-made grenades were recovered from them, police sources said. GPS devices recovered fralso showed that the location of the police station had been programmed or entered into the system and had been listed as a target in advance.

The GPS also marked an entry point into India as Bamiyal on the border, sources said.