Kalam Sir’s death may have saddened us, but his life will always be a source of inspiration for millions


Bharat Ratna President APJ Abdul Kalam left us on Monday following a cardiac arrest in Shillong.

A true visionary, Dr Kalam tirelessly worked for promoting education and development of India’s youth. Incidentally, he died while addressing a group of students- died doing what he always loved doing.

His death may have left all of us incredibly sad, but his life will always be a source of immense inspiration to millions from both present and future generations. Here are few inspirational quotes of Kalam Sir.

This will inspire you, motivate you and more importantly give you a new purpose in life. Enjoy our little tribute to a man who was responsible for leaving such a lasting impression on all of us.

The best tribute to India’s Missile Man and who we lovingly called People’s President, will be to take his mission of promoting education forward. Let’s aim to support any initiative that aims to work in this direction. And where there’s no such initiative, let’s all pledge to do whatever we can in our little capacity to bring about the desired change.