DCW informs Delhi HC, case closed against Kumar Vishwas as nothing wrong found against him


Delhi’s DCW has informed the Delhi HC that they had dropped all charges against the AAP leader Kumar Vishwas because they couldn’t find anything wrong against him.

It also added that the case against Vishwas was now closed.

Kumar Vishwas’ lawyer and fellow AAP leader Somnath Bharti tweeted about this saying that the DCW’s decision to drop the case against his client was perhaps to avoid the embarrassment.

In May this year, a woman had approached the DCW alleging that her life was ruined since Vishwas was not rebutting “rumours” about their alleged illicit liaison. This had prompted the DCW chairperson Barkha Singh to hold news conference and criticise the AAP leader.

Vishwas had accused Singh of working at the behest of Congress because of her ‘association with the party.’

Vishwas’ friends had told Jantakareporter.com that it was ‘ludicrous’ for the poet/politician to keep issuing clarification to because an individual so desired.

‘This way he will have spend rest of his life issuing clarification,” a friend had told JKR.



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