Arvind Kejriwal slammed for tweet on Jharkhand’s stalking victim Ankita Singh; critics question silence on Bilkis Bano


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is facing more condemnation for his alleged hypocrisy after he tweeted condemning the fatal attack on Jharkhand’s stalking victim, Ankita Singh.

Ankita succumbed to her injuries at a hospital in Ranchi on Sunday after her stalker, Shahrukh, burned her alive by pouring petrol on her while she was fast asleep in her bedroom.

The police later arrested Shahrukh.

Hindutva supporters had wasted no time in giving communal colour to Ankita’s gruesome killing. They highlighted her killer’s religion to push their hate narrative.

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Kejriwal, who had remained silent on the Bilkis Bano case when her rapists and the murderers of her three-year-old child were recently released by Gujarat’s BJP government, wasted no time in tweeting about Jharkhand’s 19-year-old victim.

He tweeted, “The killers of student Ankita Singh in Jharkhand should be punished severely. The country will never tolerate such heinous crime. There should be a fair investigation in this matter so that the deceased and their families get justice at the earliest.”

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Kejriwal was in Gujarat trying to create a buzz for his party ahead of the next assembly polls when Bilkis Bano’s rapists were released. His supporters defended their leader’s silence saying that Kejriwal was right with his silence since he was the chief minister of Delhi and not Gujarat.

His critics, however, reminded how the AAP leader had condemned the killing of a Hindu tailor in Udaipur by two Muslim terrorists.

Highlighting Kejriwal’s hypocrisy, which has earned the AAP chief a new reputation of ‘closet sanghi’, one user wrote, “Sahab majority appeasement me belief rakhte Hain (This man believes in majority appeasement).” Another commented, “Bilkis Bano par bhi ek baat boldete to acha hota na (It would have been nice if you also spoke on Bilkis Bani matter).”

Kejriwal came for attack even from Hindutva supporters, who asked him if he was planning to meet Ankita’s family the same way he travelled to Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to meet the family members of Mohammad Akhlaq after his lynching in 2015. Others asked Kejriwal why he had not taken the name of Ankita’s killer, Shahrukh.