“Arvind Kejriwal is searching for ground for electoral politics in Punjab; he should know that farmers have woken up”: Protesting farmers


Farmers protesting at the Delhi-Haryana border has slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for indulging in politics of votes with his recent theatrics. One farmer told Janta Ka Reporter’s Suresh Kumar Shah that Kejriwal’s recent show of solidarity for farmers was fake since his own government in Delhi had passed one of the controversial laws against farmers.

One farmer said, “If Arvind Kejriwal is in favour of our protest, then why did his government pass that law?” Another farmer said, “He is searching for fertile ground for his electoral politics..He wouldn’t get that space.”

Earlier, both the BJP and the Congress had lashed out at Kejriwal for his fake support for the farmers. They say that Kejriwal was merely aiming to extract the electoral advantage in the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, scheduled for 2022. The AAP had to face disappointment in the 2017 assembly elections despite predicting to form the government in the state.