Corruption has increased after demonetisation: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday claimed the corruption level in the country has grown after demonetisation. “The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) had on 8 November said that demonetisation aimed to finish corruption. But has corruption ended even by one percent after that? In fact, it has increased since then. Black money is on the rise,” he said.

Photo: Indian Express

The AAP national convenor was addressing an election rally in South Goa’s Cuncolim constituency. “I am begging before you on behalf of the entire country to save our nation. Today a huge scandal has been unleashed on the country in the name of demonetisation. The economy is in distress,” he claimed.

Kejriwal alleged that the tourism industry in the coastal state was in trouble and even the fisheries business was affected due to the move.

“I have seen in the entire country the industries are getting closed. The farmers are not able to work. Country’s economy is sinking.

“There is also a rumour that demonetisation scheme is good but its implementation is bad. But I feel that the scheme itself is bad. Modi’s intention with this move is also bad,” he said.

The Delhi Chief Minister also claimed that since demonetisation, several cases of corruption have come to light.

“Corruption is going on even in banks. Bank officials are asking for bribe to exchange old notes,” Kejriwal alleged.

He said if Modi wanted to finish corruption or curb black money, he should have taken action against the 648 people, whose accounts are in the Swiss bank.

“The who’s who of India are in that list. First, Congress did not take any action and now Modiji is also not acting against them. Modi’s friends’ names are on that list.

“If he (Modi) really wanted to finish corruption, the first thing he should do is arrest all the 648 people and corruption will be finished,” Kejriwal said.

He said demonetisation was a “Rs 8 lakh crore scam”. “Modi’s intention is not to finish corruption. It (demonetisation) is Rs 8 lakh crore scam. The super rich have taken bank loans, out of which Rs 8 lakh crore has been siphoned off by Modi’s friends. CAG has said that out of this 50 per cent has been sent abroad,” the AAP leader alleged. “In last two years, Modi has waived off loans worth Rs one lakh 13 thousand crore. In February, the Supreme Court has asked for the list of the people, whose loans have been waived off due to which the banks went empty,” Kejriwal claimed.

He alleged that demonetisation was a “conspiracy by Modi and (BJP chief) Amit Shah”.

“They stopped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes which would be deposited in the banks so that the loans of super rich can be waived off,” he added. Goa goes to polls next year.