Arunachal gone and Uttarakhand to follow, ‘Modiji’s Congress-free India slogan will become reality: Jaitley


Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley on Saturday that Congress losing power and threat to its government’s existence in Uttarakhand were signs of India rejecting the country’s oldest political party.

He said, “Modiji once called for a Congress-free India. Congress has already gone out of Arunachal Pradesh. It can lose its government in Uttarakhand any day. In upcoming Kerala and Assam elections there are clear signals that it will wind up. Indian voters will convert Modiji’s slogan for Congress-free India into reality. We are headed in that direction.”

The BJP is facing heat from its political opponents for destabilising Congress-led governments both in Arunachal Pradesh and now in Uttarakhand.

The saffron party has often been accused of being ‘obsessed’ with power at any cost.

Jaitley also felt that his party had scored victory over what he called was the “ideological battle” on nationalism.

He said that the people who allegedly raised anti-India slogans ’till now’ have been forced to say “Jai Hind, if not Bharat mata ki jai”.

Addressing media in Delhi, Jaitley also took a swipe at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who had visited JNU following an event where anti-India slogans had been raised and said, “Some people are questioning the nationalism of Savarkar, who inspired lakhs and crores of countrymen. These very people are attending programmes of those who talk of breaking up India.”

“This is a huge challenge for us. This is a big ideological challenge. We should consider this an ideological battle and I feel we have won its first round. Now people who were raising slogans against the country have started saying they will chant ‘Jai Hind’, if not ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’.

“Atleast they have been said something to convey their allegiance to the country. This was your ideological victory that you forced them to say this,” Jaitley was quoted by the PTI.

Jaitley said while BJP’s ideology is inspired by nationalism, “it is a strange situation where talking about breaking the country is called freedom of expression. The law or Constitution does not permit this anywhere. And it is happening in the national capital.”

Asking party workers in Delhi to reach out to SCs/STs and women, Jaitley said Government will in the next few days launch the ‘Stand Up India’ scheme where every bank branch will give Rs one crore loans to SC/STs and women to start big ventures and become big entrepreneurs.

In a scathing critique of Congress, the Finance Minister said it was shrinking throughout India and the voters will turn Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of ‘Congress-free’ India into a reality.