Aggressive Lalu vows to overthrow ‘RSS pracharak’ Modi, For Nitish it’s victory for Bihar’s ‘self respect’


RJD leader Lalu Prasad on Sunday described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “RSS pracharak” and vowed to launch a campaign against the BJP nationwide.

“He is a clear cut RSS pracharak,” Lalu Prasad told a press conference he addressed in the company of incumbent Chief Minister and JD-U leader Nitish Kumar.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, he said, was a “mukhota” (mask) of the RSS, the party’s ideological parent.

The RJD leader said Modi took advantage of the divisions in the opposition ranks in 2014 to lead the BJP to a victory in the Lok Sabha election.

“Modi forgot that Bihar is not Haryana or Maharashtra,” where the BJP won state elections after the Lok Sabha triumph, he said.

Lalu Prasad said he would tour the country to launch an agitation against fundamentalism.

“We will launch a major agitation. I will first go to Varanasi to see if Modi has fulfilled the promises made during the Lok Sabha election. The winds of change from Bihar will blow all over the country,” he said, referring to Modi’s parliamentary constituency.

Meanwhile, the BJP combine’s defeat in Bihar is significant nationally, Chief Minister and JD-U leader Nitish Kumar said on Sunday.

“From the national perspective, the result is significant,” Nitish Kumar said in his first comments after his Grand Alliance triumphed in the battle for the 243-seat Bihar assembly.

He said this was the only reason why the Bihar polls, although a state election, evoked so much interest across the country.

“It is now clear that people want a strong and united opposition (in the country),” said the JD-U leader who is poised to take oath for a third straight time as the chief minister of Bihar.  There will be a national impact (of the Bihar verdict),” he said. “In the national context, Bihar understands its responsibility.”

At the same, the chief minister said he and his allies will respect the opposition in Bihar — a reference to the vanquished Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies.

“We have no malice in our hearts. We will never make fun of the vanquished… We will work without any ill-will towards those who opposed us in the election. We have no hatred.  Whatever may have happened during the election, now that the Grand Alliance has won, we hope to get the support of the central government.”

He said the BJP’s attempts to divide the society in a bid to polarize the voters had been foiled by Bihar’s electorate.

“The people have given a decisive mandate.”

Nitish Kumar described the sweeping win of the Grand Alliance, which also includes the RJD and the Congress, as “a victory for Bihar’s self respect”.

“We have got the support of all sections of the society… Women, youths, minorities, Dalits, Mahadalits, backward castes, extremely backward castes, adivasis, upper castes.”

He pointed that in the face of an aggressive campaign by the BJP, his JD-U, the RJD and the Congress worked in a united fashion. This unity, he said, would be maintained.

“This is a very big victory. We accept it with humility.”