WhatsApp conversation of Bihari ladies: ‘Aaj India has won, secularism has won, humanity has won’


While the nation held its breath in anticipation for the results of Bihar elections on Sunday, there were many women folks in Bihar who were no different. They remained glued to TV sets and kept checking for live updates on who was winning this crucial battle.

As the results began to pour in, the conversation on WhatsApp group gained intensity. We are reproducing the excerpts of one such WhatsApp conversation by these ladies. This will give you an idea about the maturity of Bihari voters proving the notion wrong that they were gullible and did not know about the goings on of Indian politics.

UL: Morning everyone. Seems, they are fiddling with the counting. Neck and neck

SU: Awww
UL: Gathbaddan crosses majority mark ️

SA:Gr8 news

RS:Feeling good

SA: Yes ,,, I can see my husband feeling low already

UL: SA, You better change his mind. No point supporting a party, which propagates hatred and creates divide among us.

SA: Unka mindset change karne mein mera mind khali ho jayega ,, 

ASSA tumhaare DiMagh KI Bohot qeemat hai ,plzzzz

UL:Tell him about R**** Bhaiya’s promise, he’ll feel better

US: Jokes aside, it’s a huge a huge statement. Main to dar hi gayi thi. Kya pata yeh log sarkar mein aane ke baad aur kitna zulm karte!

MK: I’m aware of Bihar election results..I agree with US, even we were frightened.

NB: Good Morning group! Result out ho gaya. Aaj India has won. secularism has won, humanity has won.

NB: US and MK , Why did you guys get frightened? Apne Bihari voters ko underestimate mat karo. Hamaare logon ke paas India ka finest minds hai. Phir how can we let bigots come to power?

MK: Aisa nahi hai, Amit Shah ki Pakistan statement ne hamein dara diya tha. Look, yeh log kuch bhi kar sakte hain? Dekha nahi, dadri pe in ke minister aur leaders ne kaise bayaan diye?

US: Aur phir Haryana mein kya huwa? Do nanhe jaano ko jala diya gaya aur unki police dekhti rahi? Besharam minister ne nanhe farishton ka comparison kutton se kiya? Imagine, hamare Bihar mein kya hota agar yeh aa jate?

NB: That’s why I said today’s victory showed India had won. Aaaj yeh siddh ho gaya ki Bihar ka 90 percent Hindu secular hai! Proud to be a Bihari!

UL: I disagree, NB. India ka 90 percent Hindu secular hai. Just because Modi got 30 votes in the Lok Sabha elections doesn’t mean all 30 percent voted for Hindutva and Ram Mandir. They were fooled by vikaas ka jumla. Chak De Yaad karo and say our identity is Indian not Biharis or Bengalis:)

NB: Shut up! You will always have biases for Shah Rukh 🙂


SS:Congratulations everyone..! Good news for India.. Nitish becoming the CM of Bihar.. Party on.!
UL: Congrats to u too.
UL: OK, politics mein aaj bas itna hi. Ab kuch family ki sewa ki jaaye. Jai Hind

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