83% metro residents feel life has become more uncertain: Survey


A vast majority of people living in metros feel more uncertain about their lives compared to their non-metro peers, says a survey.

Express Photo by Amit Mehra

Concern over uncertainty is high across the country and has increased in the last four years. As much as 83 per cent of those living in the metros feel more uncertain about their lives compared to 67 per cent in non-metros, it said.

The online survey was conducted by Birla Sun Life Insurance among 1,540 people in the age-group of 15-22 years.

In contrast, 77 per cent of the surveyed metro residents had felt in 2013 that their life had become uncertain, while the figure for non-metros was 68 per cent.

As per the survey, women are more uncertain about their lives compared to men and their worries have increased over the last four years.

Three major categories of uncertainties are self and family; wealth and savings; and dreams and goals.

However, child’s future emerged as the top concern, followed by focus on self. Financial goals also feature in the top five priority list.

Men are most uncertain about child’s education, whereas for women, protecting their health and having an active life tops the chart.

The report said there is increased awareness about the need to protect family against uncertainties.

Around 76 per cent of the people surveyed were aware of the need to protect their families against uncertainties.

The awareness is equal among both metro and non-metro residents, it said.