“Your dirty mind and unethical journalism”: Arnab Goswami silences guest on LIVE TV after facing harsh criticism on integrity


A retired Indian armed forces officer recently lashed out at Arnab Goswami, calling him a man with a dirty mind, who was promoting unethical journalism. Lieutenant Commander (retired) Gokul Chandran was later muted on the show before he disappeared from the screen.

Chandran was visibly upset on the use of the ‘Vadra Congress’ by Goswami. The Republic TV founder asked Chandran, “Exactly what did you find derogatory?”

The retired naval officer asked, “Why the hell did you call Vadra Congress?”

Goswami replied, “Why the hell did I call Vadra Congress. The Congres party is popularly known as the Vadra Congress like popularly it was earlier known as the Indira Congress.”

Not satisfied with Goswami’s explanation, Chandran decided to have a go at the questionable journalistic ethos of Goswami. He said, “Because it’s your dirty mind and unethical journalism, which has decided to use such a name.”

Perturbed by the use of some strong words for himself, Goswami lost his cool as he said, “I’ve thoroughly decent with you so far. I know you are trying to make a political career. And I know that you feel if you come on my programme and use some low-level language, you might get an entry into the Congress party. But that’s not my concern.”

Goswami asked his producers to mute the pro-Congress guest. Soon, Chandran had disappeared from the TV screen. He later tweeted claiming that he had decided to walk out of the Republic TV show.

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“It gave me a high when I walked out of a Arnab show after telling him how low his journalistic ethics are as he used “Vadra Congress” and asked him if he is so afraid of my answer as he was afraid and shouted “mujhe bachao” from a police van. He was really a coward and muted me,” Chandran tweeted.

Goswami alleged that the Congress Party had carried out an acid attack on him but produced no evidence to support his extraordinary allegations.