“You met women journalist in Oct 2014”: Huge internal war breaks out within BJP after Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swawy takes his fight to PMO over reappointment of Amit Malviya as IT Cell chief


A huge war has broken out within the BJP after Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy launched an extraordinary attack against the Prime Minister’s Office over the reappointment of Amit Malviya as the IT Cell chief. A BJP functionary from the party’s Delhi unit accused Swamy of meeting a woman journalist in 2014 to share his plans of exposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The controversy was triggered after Swamy sensationally alleged that Hiren Joshi in the Prime Minister’s Office was responsible for the recent social media campaign against him.

Swamy wrote, “Now that Malaviya has been reappointed, I have this to say: My earlier tweet was to test whether Malviya financed fake ID tweets on his own or not. Now it is clear. PMO Haren Joshi was behind it. I have written to PM two weeks or so ago bringing this to his notice with documents.”

Swamy also shared a tweet by one of his followers alleging that one Mishra was behind the sustained attack against him. The tweet read, “Hiren joshi means Mishra is pulling the strings. Mishra’s end up in PMO and play havoc. Earlier Brijesh and now some other. Unelected tyranny bugging the mind of PMO and scheming state alliances. They work on Everything except nations welfare!!”

Swamy’s attack on the PMO did not go down well with certain BJP functionaries. The party’s Delhi unit’s spokesperson, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, asked if it was true that he had met a woman journalist in October 2014 to say that he will start exposing PM Narendra Modi after six months. Bagga wrote, “Is this true u met Women Journalist in Oct 2014 and told her I will start Exposing PM @narendramodi after 6 Months.u didn’t get chance tht time to implement ur agenda u r doing it now.We knw ur History,u ditched Atal ji for Sonia,whn u ddnt get anything you become Virat Hindu.”

Bagga also said that Swamy had blocked him on Twitter as he wrote, “Dear @Swamy39 instead of Accepting/denying the fact you blocked me. Virat Swamy is Running from truth, O My God.”

BJP President JP Nadda on Saturday had snubbed Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy by reappointing Amit Malviya as the party’s IT Cell chief. In a fresh overhaul, the saffron party had also appointed MP Tejasvi Surya as the head of the BJP’s youth wing or yuva morcha.

The latest show of confidence by the BJP in Malviya had come days after Swamy launched a blistering attack on the BJP’s IT Cell chief by accusing him of ‘running riot with filth.’