Who Are Narayan Lal Gadri And Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, Men Arrested For Spying For Pakistan? Motive


Police in Rajasthan have arrested two men for their alleged links with Pakistan’s ISI. The men have been identified as Narayan Lal Gadri and Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat. Both men were reported to be in constant touch with the Pakistani secret service.

Narayan Lal Gadri

Who Are Narayan Lal Gadri, Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat?

24-year-old Shekhawat worked as a salesman in a liquor shop in Jaitaran tehsil of Pali district. Umesh Mishra, director general (DG), intelligence, said that the agencies had been scanning the social media accounts of Shekhawat and 27-year-old Gadri for several months. Both are accused to have helped ISI agents to create WhatsApp accounts in the name of Indian citizens by providing them with sim cards.

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Shekhawat also allegedly received a huge sum of money from ISI agents to honey trap Indian military personnel and obtain confidential information from them.

Both Gadri and Shekhawat met ISI agents after they joined a WhatsApp Group used to share pornographic materials. One of the ISI agents had introduced him as ‘Anil’ and encouraged Gadri and Shekhawat to indulge in several activities to obtain information about Indian military personnel.

Both accused were asked to travel to Pakistan on a fully paid trip and open a photocopier shop outside a military base in Udaipur in Rajasthan. They were also promised to get more than four lakh rupees to set up a photocopy shop. The only condition was to keep a copy of any document that the members of the Indian army brought to the shop for photocopy. The ISI agents also promised to take care of the salary of the person hired to manage the photocopy shop.

Both accused were also asked to send ISI agents the videos of the beheading of Udaipur tailor, Kanhaiya Lal. They wasted no time in obliging the request.

The Rajasthan Police carried out the arrests under their ongoing Operation Sarhad operation. Rajasthan, which shares border with Pakistan, has seen several incidents of Indians spying for Pakistan in the past.