WATCH- Sidhu Moosewala Urged Govt To Close Alcohol Shops & Drug Dealing In Viral Video; Spoke Against Arms


A viral video appears to suggest that late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala had angered the powerful liquor and drug lobby of Punjab with his firm stand rampant sale of drugs, liquor and weapons in the sensitive state.

In the viral video, Moosewala could be seen urging the government to stop the shops selling alcohol and supply of banned substances in the state. Moosewala urged the government to ban ‘nashe ka karobaar (drug business)’ and the supply of arms in Punjab.

Moosewala was brutally murdered in the Mansa district by a group of unknown assailants while he was in his Mahindra SUV. According to reports, his killers filed more than 20 rounds of bullets in his chest. He reportedly died on the spot.

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Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar had claimed responsibility of Moosewala’s murder. Many had argued that Moosewala was murdered because the singer promoted gun culture in his videos. However, the latest video has conclusively rubbished those allegations against him.

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One music fan wrote, “People forget that there is more gun crime .. gang wars in Mumbai, UP. Biggest drug racket in Gujrat. Films like Gangs of Wasseypur are not set in Punjab. Yet Punjab is always singled out? Why? We have never had anything given to us on a platter. We have been through the mill 1947 – 1965 -1971-1984-2020/21. We have had to lose our waters, our ma boli, our youth to selfish politicians .. when will this end ?
Rest in power Sidhu Mossewala.”

Moosewala’s death sent shockwaves across the world. In a recent viral video, Nigerian Rapper Burna Boy was seen breaking down during a LIVE performance as he attempted to copy Moosewala’s signature step.


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Moosewala was cremated in his native place in Mansa as hundreds of thousands of people turned up to pay their last respect to the popular singer.