WATCH- Amit Shah loses cool after interpreter wrongly translates speech, Rahul Gandhi earns accolades for patience in similar situation


Remember the viral video of BJP President Amit Shah last year while campaigning in the Karnataka assembly polls? The video of Shah losing cool at his interpreter after he wrongly translated his speech in Kannada had gone truly viral.

Amit Shah

Shah was in Karnataka addressing two rallies in Chikkamagalore and Sringeri. At both the places, Shah’s translators had created a public spectacle (Watch below) leaving him seething. Shah looked visibly upset with his translators all through his speech after even the sound system let him down. He had finally run out of patience and given a menacing look to his party colleagues, while publicly expressing his disgust for the translator.

A year later, Congress President Rahul Gandhi found placed himself in a similar predicament, when his translator simply couldn’t grasp anything that he said in English. Gandhi was addressing an election rally on 16 April in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta, where he was repeatedly let down by his translator.

Gandhi told the audience that Narendra Modi had promised to work as the country’s watchman and not the prime minister. His translator reached out to the Congress seemingly asking him to repeat his sentence. This wasn’t the only place, where Gandhi’s translator struggled. When Gandhi said that Anil Ambani’s company had received a contract in the Rafale deal despite having no previous experiences of building aircrafts, his translator appeared clueless once again.

But, unlike Shah, he chose to smile his way out. This earned him plaudits on social media, where BJP supporter Mohandas Pai shared the video by taking a dig at Gandhi.

Many social media users were quick to hail Gandhi for his patience. Journalist Mukesh Kejriwal wrote, This video is indeed worth watching. If you feel like laughing, then please do that. But do pause for a moment and think about Rahul Gandhi’s level of patience. He did not allow the elderly man to be ridiculed.”

Twitter user Leo Saldanha wrote, “I admit it’s ridiculous. But unlike @narendramodi who would have slapped the shit out of the translator, @RahulGandhi comes across as a man of great patience, and willing to repeat for the benefit of the elderly (tho ineffective) translator. Modi would have pushed the man away!!!”

The latest gaffe by Gandhi’s translator has highlighted the importance of hiring qualified interpreters for political rallies if the leaders from the national parties cared to avoid embarrassment.