Vicky Kaushal reacts after being pushed away by Salman Khan’s security at IIFA event


Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal has broken his silence after a a viral showed how he was pushed away by Salman Khan’s security at he IIFA event in Abu Dhabi.

Vicky Kaushal

In the viral video, Vicky was seen obliging his fans with a selfie without realising that Salman was walking towards him with his security cover. He was rudely moved aside to give way to Salman, who appeared to give him a cold shoulder. The development triggered a war of sorts on social media between the fans of the two stars.

However, Vicky has finally broken his silence, saying that there was no truth to what was being interpreted from the viral video.

“Some times, things go out of control and there are too much unnecessary conversations. Things are not what they seem sometimes in the video. There’s no point talking about it,” Vicky told news agency PTI.

Vicky is married to Katrina Kaif, who was rumoured to be on of Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriends.

Here’s how netizens reacted to the whole controversy;

Salman was later seen to be hugging Vicky at the same event.