Unthinkable happens as Arnab Goswami called anti-national by guest on Republic TV, controversial anchor loses cools; guest walks out of debate


Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami found himself at the receiving end during a LIVE TV debate when one of his foreign guests called him anti-national. Shocked by the public dressing down, Goswami lost his temper and lashed out at his guest, prompting him to walk out of the show.

Goswami was discussing the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and had invited several international panelists for his prime-time TV show. One of his guests was Gilbert Doctorow, who had joined the debate from Lisbon.

Taking a dim view of Goswami’s rant, Doctorow said that the editorial position taken by the Republic TV founder was against the interests of India.

He said, “You’ve established a kangaroo court… You speak about the word de-escalate, I would like to ask you, the moderator, to de-escalate your language. You are speaking in very hyper-tense words and you’re using very emotive language. You interrupted a speaker in a brutal way, which is not helpful in the exchange of opinions. I am shocked that your editorial positon… is so prejudicial towards the ongoing crisis.

“…You India, along with China, will be the major beneficiary (of the Russian invasion of Ukraine) if Mr. Putin succeeds. Therefore, your programme is against the interests of your own country.”

Incensed by the public humiliation, Goswami shot back at his guest, “Thank you for your speech Mr. Doctorow, not that anyone has asked for it. Secondly, my editorial position is mine. You are sitting there in Lisbon, giving me a lecture. Kindly lecture yourself and ask yourself whether the straightforwardness of the question has begun to hurt you.

“You are a man of many years of your position may be very prejudiced in your views, but I will not accept a single line of your unnecessary lecturing to anyone.”

The guest in question decided to walk out of the show evoking another round of angry reactions from Goswami.

Goswami had founded Republic TV in 2017 with the help of BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. He’s had to face routine criticism for surrendering his objectivity to the BJP government.